• Legal Services to
    Real Estate Developers
    Our comprehensive legal services to property development companies are intended to organise the development process lawfully and in a way that guarantees avoiding legal conflicts with its participants.
    Our Clients, who are real estate developers, build and put on the market apartments in the developer's standard, office space for lease and other commercial areas, shopping centres and industrial facilities, as well as food and grocery facilities and cooling facilities.
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  • Legal Services to
    Construction Companies
    Every construction company will need a specialist lawyer. A legal counsel with expertise in the construction and civil law is able to protect a construction company from many problems and conflicts, as well as financial crises.
    A construction works contract is a basic tool at the construction site, along with a crane and construction machines.

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  • Legal Services to
    Production Plants
    Poland is a country with a very high production potential. Industries such as automotive manufacturing, construction materials manufacturers, household appliances manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers or aerospace industry, power industry or food industry are growing at an unprecedented rate. New production facilities are being built everywhere.
    Legal services for production plants focus on the four following four areas:labour law, commercial contracts, court cases with customers of products and the expansion of the production plant.
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  • Legal Services to
    IT Industry
    The IT industry, in addition to manufacturing and integrated services, is among the fast-growing industries. Lawyers are essential for IT companies, not only to provide typical legal services, such as labour law or corporate matters, but also for specific nature of IT contracts.
    Agreements such as: service level agreements, agile agreements, cascade agreements, waterfall agreements, maintenance agreements, or comprehensive agreements for the provision of IT services are exemplary legal products for the IT industry.
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  • Legal Advice to
    Our Law Firm provides legal assistance to many non-profit foundations and charity foundations with funds within the framework of transferring 1% of the income tax from citizens and companies.
    An example is the Foundation for the Rescue of Children with Cancer Disease in Wrocław and the Cape of Hope Children's Oncology Centre.
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Legal advice from our attorneys-at-law and advocates is comprehensive legal service rendered to Polish and foreign entrepreneurs and charity foundations.
We offer legal services in Polish and English.
Smagała Law Firm provides specialist legal services for the construction and development sector in its broadest sense, as well as for the real estate market, large production plants, foreign companies, the IT sector and foundations.
Litigation, court mediation and professional business negotiations add to the range of services for entrepreneurs. Our legal advice for companies is aimed at managing legal risks in business. Accurate and comprehensive legal advice allows our clients to prevent time-consuming and costly legal conflicts and avoid substantial financial losses.

Our team provides legal services based on such criteria as professionalism, diligent approach, experience and clarity of financial settlements with Clients. Our lawyers will contact you quickly, and our legal services will be undertaken and implemented within a short period of time as agreed. Our specialist legal advice will be provided within the agreed budgets.
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